The Leadership and Diversity Chair offers a particular learning experience in view of its audience, principals, and originality. Each year in the fall, the chair recruits between 20-25 students from a wide range of origins and backgrounds. It fully embraces the international dimension and is one of the few chairs at Essec that takes on international students and is run in English. We accept ASTs (students admitted on the basis of a previous university diploma), ASCs (students who passed the French “concours”),4&5thYear BBA and Advanced Masters students.. In an effort to further expand the diversity of our students, in 2014-15, the chair began recruiting Masters students partner programs in the University of Cergy for a total of 12 students since 2014-15.

    How to apply?

Applications for the Chair take place in the fall of each year.  

Deadline for Applications: September    25, 2024                                    

To apply, submit your application online via this link (in English or French) until Wednesday 25 September 2024. A first screening of the candidates’ files takes place after the application deadline. Selected candidates will then take part in a 20 minutes interview with the Chair professors and the partner representatives. Interviews will take place from 27 September to 10 October 2024. Accepted candidates are informed on 0ctober 11th, at noon 2024.

For more information, please visit our contact page to directly get in touch with us for more details.