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Krishnav Roy: "The Chair experience over the last 7 months has been very dynamic. The whole process of digging deeper into issues all of us were so passionate about and work towards, and getting enlightened about the solutions that exist was very rewarding.

Working with such a diverse and open-minded bunch of people, having stimulating discussions and actually working towards tangible and applicable solutions to these issues was so something I thoroughly appreciated.

Prof. Junko Takagi was someone who was super supportive and insightful at every stage of the process, super patient with us and all our projects.

Really like to thank Antoine Le Quinquis and Veronica Lavov from the L'Oréal team for their involvement in the process, so actively giving us valuable feedback at every step.

This was an amazing experience on the whole, despite the challenges of this special year, and something that we would definitely recommend to the incoming cohort at ESSEC."

Kavitha Jaganathan: I believe that systemic racism is an issue that requires a systemic effort to be eradicated, and in pursuit of this goal, we had the opportunity to express and voice out our take on how this could be handled at the corporate level. We were taught to trust the process, be inclusive leaders and be creative and I thoroughly enjoyed the chair experience. I would highly recommend this chair for all those who want to push their limits

Ocean El Chaar: The L&D experience was really interesting. We had the chance to meet corporate leaders and remove our own biases towards them. We thought the project was going to be used for marketing purposes, but they indeed were interested in inducing a change. I would only wish for more companies to take the initiative to change and tackle corporate racism in an efficient and effective manner.


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