Open to the world and its different cultures, it was obvious for me to join the Leadership & Diversity Chair because I believe in the richness of our differences, as a key source of innovation. Leadership carries in its Latin root the meaning of travel. I think that there is no journey more exciting than the one of discovery, of sharing reflection on essential topics such as inclusion and empowerment of each other in their uniqueness. I'm looking forward to taking on the challenges proposed by @nyxcosmetics as a team and to perhaps have a positive impact on the revolutions to come.

-Chérine Fadili

Having grown up in a conservative environment, I soon understood the challenges that come with feeling like you don't quite fit in or that your individuality is not accepted. As a result, I learned to construct myself by trying to understand others, their choices, and their paths. It was during this time that I also discovered the power of makeup to express myself and my unique identity.

This is why being a part of this Chair is so meaningful to me. I'm so excited to work alongside my classmates, our amazing teacher Junko and the @lorealparis and @nyxcosmetics team, to help building all together a safer space where individuals are accepted and valued for who they are.

More than a Chair, it is a Share of common values, love, and a passion for celebrating diversity!

-Capucine Boivin-Champeaux

“Create the beauty that moves the world”

@lorealparis is all about democratising beauty. The concept of beauty being defined by each individual according to their own perceptions was always an attraction for me. Therefore working with @nyxcosmetics , a brand which encapsulates the Gen Z movement has definitely broadened my horizons. By pushing the boundaries of discourse on inclusion and acceptance and building and demonstrating the business case for diversity and inclusion, this chair not only helped me delve more into the world of beauty, but also helped me better understand the importance of an inclusive business model.

-Elvin Gilbert Fernandes

Having dealt with discrimination early on in my life, I have always felt a need to be heard and acknowledged. From engaging in art forms that question systemic inequities to leading CSR campaigns at work, I have always been drawn to groups that trigger and sustain conversations on equity. @lorealparis 's Leadership and Diversity Chair is a great platform to delve into the complexities of DEI and exchange relevant insights. Under the guidance of our professors Junko Takagi and Elisabeth Gozdik and a leading beauty brand like @nyxcosmetics , we hope to address these concerns and formulate affirmative action with a far-reaching impact. I'm excited to collaborate, learn and grow with this year's diverse cohort.

-Nandha CT

Taylor Swift once said, “No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”

As a queer individual, I’ve always strived for inclusion in the society and the Leadership and Diversity chair offered me a step in that path. I grew up watching advertisements from @lorealparis saying “I’m worth it” and that is a mantra I want to forward as I become a leader of tomorrow. I’m excited to work on a project with a brand as colorful as @nyxcosmetics

The world needs us to be loud and bold in order to bring positive change and @essecbs has provided me the right platform to engage with courses and corporations to grow into a diversity champion.

“You are the one who gets to decide what you will be remembered for.” - Taylor

-Vidit Chugh

With an undergraduate degree rooted in the humanities and previous work experience in the realm of inclusive education, the L'Oréal Leadership and Diversity Chair was a perfect choice for me! It was a great place for me to learn more about diversity and inclusion in corporate settings and how organisations like @lorealparis address such concerns. Working with @nyxcosmetics has been amazing so far and I look forward to what the rest of the year has in store for us!

-Swastika Bhattacharya

I have always been a very curious and explorative person working in different start-ups I really understood how diversified teams work and the benefits it brings to the organisation. I joined the L&D chair to tap into that curiosity more and also wanted to work on purpose driven projects.

Leadership and diversity to me means creating an environment where everyone is respected, valued, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and experiences. It means recognizing the importance of having a diverse range of voices in decision-making processes, and actively seeking out those voices to ensure that all perspectives are heard.

-Siddhant Pattnaik

I have always loved to study human relations and the way people interact with each other. After an incredible experience at BNP Paribas Personal Finance working on implementing Diversity and Inclusion within HR policies, it was an evidence to me to join the Leadership and Diversity chair.

To me, exploring leadership is exploring the strengths of people and develop them. Diversity is embracing the beauty of unicity, hopefully thanks to this leadership.

-Laura Patregnani

Hello! I was always interested in the topics of personal development and leadership and decided to pursue my interests in the @lorealparis Chair of Leadership and diversity at @essecbs . I am also very much into beauty so it was a great opportunity for me to get to know the company better where I would like to work. Moreover, I am very curious about diversity dynamics in the modern world which I could to get to know more in a Chair.

-Anastasiia Korovaeva

As a bisexual woman of colour from small town India, inclusion and diversity has been a constant mission in my life. @lorealparis 's Leadership and Diversity Chair has given me an opportunity to collaborate with a diverse cohort of nationalities and understand the nuances of leading a culturally diverse group and transcend boundaries. I am excited to work with @nyxcosmetics on its DE&I strategy as it will not only help me build well-furnished theoretical models but also give me an immersive, hands-on experience in exploring the role of diversity in developing new approaches to leadership.

-Ojaswini Marathe

I joined the chair to embark on a professional journey of understanding the nuances of diversity and inclusion, which I believe would help me in my personal growth over the years.

-Ayush Jacob

Growing up in Kuwait has shaped my definition of diversity in a unique way. Being surrounded by a rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds has taught me the importance of valuing and embracing differences. This experience has reinforced my belief that diversity and inclusion is not just a buzzword, but a way of life that leads to a more inclusive and equitable world. I am grateful to bring this perspective to @lorealparis 's Leadership and Diversity chair, where we work together to make a positive impact in our industry and communities.

-Samuel Jacob

Joining the Leadership & Diversity Chair is a great privilege which brings on a responsibility to take the opportunity and improve inclusion across marginalized groups.

As a student in the specialized @essecbs MSc in Sustainability Transformation, I enthusiastically joined the L&D Chair led by Prof. Takagi and Prof. Gozdik. I was happy to meet a diverse group of likeminded ESSEC students.

The chair’s partnership with @lorealparis gives us an opportunity to meet exceptional #diversityequityandinclusion professionals and to learn from their experience. I am excited to apply what I am learning in class and through interpersonal exchanges in the team project we are developing for @nyxcosmetics




Team MentorUp - Experience Sharing.mp4

Krishnav Roy: "The Chair experience over the last 7 months has been very dynamic. The whole process of digging deeper into issues all of us were so passionate about and work towards, and getting enlightened about the solutions that exist was very rewarding. 

Working with such a diverse and open-minded bunch of people, having stimulating discussions and actually working towards tangible and applicable solutions to these issues was so something I thoroughly appreciated.

Prof. Junko Takagi was someone who was super supportive and insightful at every stage of the process, super patient with us and all our projects. 

Really like to thank Antoine Le Quinquis and Veronica Lavov from the L'Oréal team for their involvement in the process, so actively giving us valuable feedback at every step.

This was an amazing experience on the whole, despite the challenges of this special year, and something that we would definitely recommend to the incoming cohort at ESSEC."

Kavitha Jaganathan: I believe that systemic racism is an issue that requires a systemic effort to be eradicated, and in pursuit of this goal, we had the opportunity to express and voice out our take on how this could be handled at the corporate level. We were taught to trust the process, be inclusive leaders and be creative and I thoroughly enjoyed the chair experience. I would highly recommend this chair for all those who want to push their limits

Ocean El Chaar: The L&D experience was really interesting. We had the chance to meet corporate leaders and remove our own biases towards them. We thought the project was going to be used for marketing purposes, but they indeed were interested in inducing a change. I would only wish for more companies to take the initiative to change and tackle corporate racism in an efficient and effective manner.


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