Since its creation 15 years ago, the chair has recruited over 300 students, of whom 75% are international students from 27 different countries. With this recruitment profile, the chair already creates a strong learning experience by bringing together students from different countries, educational backgrounds, gender identity, age, and with a large variety of professional experiences who work together in courses and on chair projects. In fact, thanks to the high number of applications particularly over the past five years, we are able to constitute the project groups with diversity being the main criteria. Not only does this allow students to develop their communication skills, but more importantly it also helps them to learn about different cultures and leadership styles. The different diversity elements represented in the chair cohort, allow students to benefit from having diverse points of view during their projects and group discussions.

Required seminars:

.Chair seminar in T2: MGTM 31407: 1 UV.

.Chair project.

Required courses:

.1 mandatory course in T2: MGTP31201: Personality Theory

.2 electives courses can be taken based on student’s personal interest in T2 or T3 or later: 2 UV.