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How does L'Oréal see the chair?

Message from L'Oréal about the chair and its students on how it benefits them and what you expect.

We are extremely proud to be a cofounder and partner of the ESSEC Leadership and Diversity Chair. At L’Oréal, we strongly believe that Diversity and Inclusion are key success factors for the well-being of our employees and for our business. To ensure that our products meet the needs of every form of beauty in every culture, our team members must be as diverse as the world itself.

To achieve that goal we foster inclusive workplaces where people from every multicultural, socio-economic origins, gender, age or disability feel welcomed and valued. An atmosphere where each individual is able to thrive and grow means that our business will thrive and grow.

People matter at L’Oréal. Sharing our long-term commitment to Diversity & Inclusion and concrete actions with students enables them to have an insight into the business world, and become engaged future business leaders.

For 2020 edition, 19 highly motivated students of eight nationalities have asked themselves the question of how far are we not only in understanding the concepts of Leadership & Diversity but on how much further can we anchor these concepts into the business with concrete action plans and best practices. The students deep dived into addressing the issue of responsible leadership through the conception of social innovation projects for L'Oréal focussing on Age Diversity, Climat Change, Domestic Violence, Daycare, Displaced population and LGBTQ in the workplace.

2022 edition theme will be soon announced. You want to be part of it? Apply to the Chair!

Information on the L'Oréal diversity team and their initiatives

For L’Oréal, integrating Diversity and Inclusion in the ways of acting and working together is strategically important in order to succeed in reaching the target of gaining more than one billion new consumers through universalization, meaning globalization that respects differences. By placing consumers at the center of our strategy, L’Oréal has to explore and reflect on the infinite diversity of styles, habits and expressions of beauty all over the world in order to develop and market the most suitable products. This naturally requires a rich diversity of teams and their ability to work together to innovate. L’Oréal pays particular attention to all its employees and to the place of each individual in its teams.

To convert these convictions into concrete actions, L’Oréal has been engaged for over 10 years in an innovative, ambitious Diversity & Inclusion policy. The Group has set itself three global priorities:

1. Reaching gender equality;

2. Including persons with disabilities;

3. Reflecting the diversity of society.

A network of Diversity coordinators present in all countries conducts initiatives in relation with the Group’s policy, while adapting them to the local context in each country.

To learn more about Diversity and Inclusion at L’Oréal, visit: http://loreal.com and then Group section : Diversity and Inclusion : https://www.loreal.com/group/diversity-and-inclusion