Project 2018

Chair project 2017-2018: Diversity and Inclusion Digital Toolkit

The chair projects are conceived in cooperation with our partner L’Oréal and provides our students with hands-on experience

that allows them a privileged insight into the working procedures of and the issues that are key to multinational firms. Students

present their projects at the annual chair Conference to professionals. This year, ESSEC Leadership and Diversity Chair students

worked on the conception and development of a Diversity and Inclusion digital toolkit.

The first phase of the project consisted of conceiving the objectives of the toolkit and what it would consist of. Through a test and

learn process in collaboration with L’Oréal collaborators, the students identified key objectives:catching attention (or the ‘aha’ factor),

encouraging awareness, giving information, all through a processof creating, analysing and recreating.

This lead to a toolkit with five elements:

- Diversified: humours diversity skits to capture attention

- Infographics that provide diversity statistics

- Interviews with experts providing more information

- Social experiments that show that knowing does not necessarily impact doing, and

- DiversityInc case studies: diversity issues in the workplace and best practices

All the digital content that was created was tested on our social media outlets to measure impact. Based on this analysis,

the presentation was re worked, and new content was created.