Chair Seminars 2020

Chair Seminar: Paul BROUARD from digital UZIK Agency: 5th March, 2020

Paul Brouard is the Senior Account Manager at UZIK, a digital design agency. As someone who developed an intrapreneurial project, he explained to the chair members the four main steps for success:

1. Identify four fields of action, not forty

2. Contact providers and select one, not forty

3. Get that provider to work on the project 4. If it goes well, extend to the entire agency. The most important message was "dream big but [aim] quick wins".

Chair Seminar: Alexandra PALT Executive Vice President, CSR: 6th February 2020

L'Oréal always think ahead and make each aspect excellent.

This seminar is so inspiring that as individuals we can commit small things like reduce shower time, eat less meat to make contribution for climate change.

The main take-away from the seminar is that always thinking and dare to speak when you think something needs change.