One Young World 2019

10 years & counting - One Young World celebrated its 10th Anniversary at 2019 Summit, London.

Company exhibitions, Workshops, Roundtable discussions and Inspirational talks by Leaders (including delegate testimonies) ran simultaneously throughout all days of the Conference.




Day 1: Tuesday, October 23rd

The Opening Ceremony commenced at the Royal Alberta hall. It entailed a celebration in presence of great dignitaries, including Duchess of Sussex - Meghan Markle, as the OYW founders declared Summit 2019 open. Further on, Mr. Sadiq Khan (mayor of London) addressed the #LondonIsOpen campaign as he emphasized on the importance of Diversity and Inclusion, and that London is always open to the World despite Brexit. The ceremony continued as 190 Delegates representing their Nationalities waved their flag and celebrated this diverse presence at the Summit '19. The highlight of the evening was the delegates from North Korea and South Korea joining hands on the stage, whilst their country flags in the other hand, smiling on and declaring their want for peace.

The Opening ceremony also introduced the Summit Mentors, who would facilitate the panels and guide the delegate speakers on their respective theme.

Day 2: Wednesday, October 24th

The main topic discussed and emphatically called for action was Climate change. Covering essential topics like Use of Plastic, Life in the ocean, Carbon footprint, Carbon efficiency, leaders in the field discussed and educated on the current grave status of the Earth and Environment.

Day 3: Thursday, October 25th

Day 3 consisted of various company representatives speaking about issues of Media freedom, Modern Day Slavery, and Poverty Alleviation.

Day 4: Friday, October 26th

The day started with delegate panels on Education with sub-themes of physical safety, gender equality and lack of education resources. The evening witnessed the Closing ceremony as delegates (now Ambassadors) pledged an action they would pursue for the upcoming year. These were all written on ribbons, tied to one another, symbolising the unification of all actions for a single greater good - a better today and tomorrow.