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"Inspirational, Emotional, Touching, Motivational, Festive are the few of the innumerous moods of this One Young World conference. Peace & Reconciliation being the major focus of this year, it was rightly held in the city of Bogota, Colombia that recently signed the peace agreement ending a 52-year bloody conflict in the region. I met delegates from countries I had not heard of before. I witnessed my generation share first-hand experiences of worse atrocities they faced which are beyond anyone's imagination. I watched my friends sob as they heard the most poignant experiences of fellow delegates. Strangers became friends overnight and connections turned into lifelong relationships. No event other than OYW could have made this possible. The emotions & struggles hit you so hard that it makes you question yourself "What have I done for the society and its people?”. Taking massive inspiration and courage from the talks and discussions, I pledge to take a step forward and contribute in whatever way possible to ensure the betterment of my people and the society and ensure its sustainability in the long run. One Young World, You have been amazing and I hope I get to attend & experience this incredible atmosphere in future. "
- Srikrishnan Shivakumar, One Young World Ambassador, Bogota 2017