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Annual Conference 6 June, 2019

Final Presentation 2019

Event on Gender issues in Management Research; 13 March, 2019

Event on Gender issues in Management Research; 13 March, 2019

What’s behind the label? : Integrating Refugees; March 7, 2019

Refugees at Workplace: Roundtable discussion

Roundtable: LGBTQ+ at Workplace; 14 Feb, 2019

Roundtable: LGBTQ+ at Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion forum at L’Oreal on December 7, 2018

Extending the dialogue of diversity & inclusion, our students attended the Diversity & Inclusion forum at L'Oreal to discover their different initiatives from around the world. It was very impressive, how deeply L’Oreal values diversity in the workplace and sees it as a strength for the company and as a duty to society. The students also identified some initiated that spoke to them a little more than the others and made their individual pledges at the same time.

Diversity and Inclusion forum at L’Oreal on December 7, 2018

Annual Conference 22 June, 2018

Annual Chair Conference 2018

                               1st March 2018

LGBTQ+ Roundtable & Workshop

Chair Seminar Kick Off: 12 Jan 2017

"All Different, All The Same" Campaign: May 2016

All Different All The Same

Religion in the Workplace: May 2016

Ethnic and Social Diversity: April 2016

Multigenerational Diversity: March 2016



Engaging Diversity as a Vector for Change
: October 2015

Engaging Diversity as a Vector For Change

The Gender Journey: March 2015

Gender Journey