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Annual Conferences

Annual Conference 22nd June 2018 

Annual Conference 2018

The Annual Conference of the Leadership & Diversity Chair was held on 22nd June 2018 at the L'Oreal Headquarters.
The students had built upon the MOOC executed by the previous batches and have successfully established it on Coursera. The notion of Diversity & Inclusion along with MOOC was further communicated on all social media channels to raise awareness. 

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Annual Conference 31st May 2017

Annual Conference 31st May 2017

The Annual Conference held on 31st May 2017 marked the 10 year anniversary of the ESSEC Leadership and Diversity Chair. It was attended by senior executives from L'Oréal, ESSEC administration, the interim Dean of ESSEC, Chair Alumni and friends. The students had built upon the foundation of the MOOC laid by the previous batches and have successfully published it on Coursera. The positive results from the organic growth of the MOOC were presented along with an action plan for the future.

Annual Conference 13th June 2016

Annual Conference 13 June 2016

The Leadership and Diversity Chair Annual Conference was held this year on Monday, June 13th at the L’Oréal Luxe at Levallois in the presence of Jean-Claude Legrand, Senior VP Talent Development and Chief Diversity Officer at L'Oréal. It was attended by L’Oréal managers, ESSEC administration, and Chair alumni and friends. This year’s students collectively presented the Diversity and Inclusion MOOC that they have been creating as their group project in a very dynamic Quiz Show format. The presentation was conceived to represent the MOOC experience. The Diversity and Inclusion MOOC will be launched in October 2016 and is particularly targeted to graduating students and young professionals.

Annual Conference 10th June 2015

Annual conference 10 June 2015

The Annual Chair Conference held at L’OREAL headquarters in Clichy. This year’s theme was ‘The importance of focusing on social and ethnic diversity in our workforce: A Global perspective’. Students worked on projects to generate ideas for the diversification of recruitment pools and to enable qualified talent from underprivileged communities to access work in five regional zones around the world. They presented their work to L’Oréal managers and guests. Based on these projects, we have created a brochure to introduce managers to social and ethnic diversity in countries studied.

Annual Chair Conference 27 May 2014

Globetrotting Generation: What Lessons for Leadership?

The 2014 Annual Chair conference was facilitated by the co-chair, Professor Junko Takagi of the Management Department and brought together Linda Brimm, Emeritus Professor of Organisation Behavior at INSEAD who has worked with Global Cosmopolitans, and Frédérique Scavennec, VP Talent Acquisition at L'Oréal, and Joanne Dreyfus, audit partner at Deloitte, representing the two partner firms of the Chair.